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KAWA 2K IP Camera Wifi 360 Indoor Video Surveillance Cameras Security PTZ CCTV Smart Home Wireless Pet...


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Dear customer, thank you for your trust in KAWA and our products. KAWA A6 IP Camera works with KAWA IOT App. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact our customer service team on time: We will help you as soon as possible.

360° Panoramic View and 180° Flip Screen Support

Never Miss a Thing. From day or night. 24/7 The dual-motor pan/tilt supports rotation in all directions
up, down, left, and right, wide angle view.


2 Options for Day and Night Mode on APP

One-key switching between day and night modes on Smartphone interface. Provide you with a batter user experience.


2K High Resolution of Ultra-clear Image

This 2K indoor security camera offers a higher video quality, captures more video details, better to identify intruders or other security threats.


Enhanced night vision

The smart home camera catches every moment even in pitch black, turn on the Siren alarm to shock the intruder when strangers break into your house. Exactly fit your need for the safety of your home and family. the picture can still be brighter and more detailed compared to other typical cameras.


Clear Two-Way Audio & Audio Record

This camera with built-in enhanced microphone and speaker, allowing you stay connected with your kids, family, or pets anywhere anytime. Even can warn off thieves, screen visitors at your door. Protecting your family and property from harm just by your phone app. Give you peace of mind and 24-hour security protection.


Motion Detection & Built-in Siren

Detects the human, pets, and sounds and will notify you in seconds.
Receive the instant notification for which you cared, on-demand. And you can open the Siren alarm to shock the strangers. Detection Sensitivity is adjustable.


Sound Detection with the Noise Notification

When there is an odd sounds(like crashing, breaking, or a child crying)
the camera will focus on it and send notification to your mobile phone to ensure your child's safety.



Privacy Mode & Military-grade Encryption

Tracks the motion of moving objects with intelligent AI algorithms and horizontal and vertical rotation.


Auto Tracking & Follow the Actions

Tracks the motion of moving objects with intelligent AI algorithms and horizontal and vertical rotation.


H. 265 Advanced Video Encoding Technology

The advanced H.265 video encoding is faster,smoother, more efficient and storage-saving, achieves less storage use and faster video streaming.


Support Connecting Multiple Cameras

Whether it is your baby, your pet, your parents or your family house, you can take care of them by connecting multiple ip cameras.


Remote Monitoring & Multiple Ways of Installation

Enjoy clear Full HD video on your phone wherever you are. Support record and store footage on Cloud or a local MicroSD card. The KAWA Camera is compatible with Micro SD cards up to 128 GB.


Note: Micro SD card, baby crib mount and wall mount are not included. Cloud storage options are available for purchase.

Work with Alex & Multiple Users and Multiple Views


How to download and connect the IP Camera?

Step 1: Download KAWA IOT APP from APP Store or Google Play.
Step 2: Create an Account, then click the "Add a Device" button on the APP Home Page.
Step 3: Scan the QR.
Step 4: Follow the APP guide.


Q & A

1 Q: Can the camera work in a power outage?

A:The KAWA A6 Camera does not contain a battery, so it needs to be powered all the time to work. Follow us, and more new products will be released in the future.

2 Q: Why the camera can't connect to the Wi-Fi network?

A:-Please check if the camera is configured with the network
-Please check whether the WiFi is 2.4 Gwifi of 802.11b/G/N protocol (5GWi-FI is not applicable).
-Check if the WiFi information and password are correct.
-If you hear a warning when scanning the QR code.
-Please check if the camera and your mobile phone are near the router. Make sure the Wi-Fi signal of the wireless router connected to the camera is within range.

3 Q: How to save videos?

A: The camera supports two storage modes, local storage and cloud storage (to be paid individually).
-Local Storage: Save the video recorded by the camera in the micro SD card.
-Cloud storage: the videos recorded by the cameras can be stored in the cloud. Videos from the last 7 days or 30 days can be saved depending on the length of video storage. You can watch and download historical videos online



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