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Powtree For Switch Joypad Controller Left & Right Wireless Gamepad For Nintendo Switch Joy Gamepad...


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1.Equipped with 6 axis gyroscope, accurate positioning, suitable for all kinds of racing shooting and running games.

2.linear vibration with stronger amplitude, can get more realistic gaming experience

3.The Joysticks can achieve remote wake up and sleep wake up.

4.Applicable to most of nintend switch games, as well as various peripherals etc.


1. The Controller is produced by third-party factories,Not Original.

2. Amiibo function of NFC is not supported.

3.The product cannot be paired with a computerS381ff29fa2f34dfea1a33ceed63ec0dd2


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How to connect?

1. Turn on the switch, click the settings menu button on the main page interface, click the System settings option to enter the next-level option menu

2. Click the Airplane Mode option, and then click Controller Connection to turn on the function (if the switch does not have this option, skip this step).

3. Press and hold the PAIR button for 3 seconds to power on to enter the pairing, LED1-4 are flashing water lights, open the device homepage interface and click the Controllers menu.

4. Click Change Grip/Orde again and the host will automatically search for paired handles. After a few seconds, the handle and the device will be automatically paired successfully, and the corresponding channel lights allocated by the device will always be on.

5. After connecting, click the A button and then select Close to exit to the main interface, and you can start the game operation. After 60 seconds, the handle will automatically shut down if it is not paired successfully.



• Please read this product manual and precautions before using this product.

• Please follow the following specifications when using this product:

8.1. Do not put this product into the fire to bake or burn, so as to avoid danger and environmental pollution.

8.2. Please do not wipe with corrosive liquids to avoid hard objects scratching the surface of the cabinet and affecting the appearance.

8.3. Do not place this product in the following environments: places that are too hot, cold or too humid, places that are exposed to direct sunlight, and places that are too dusty.

8.4. When the surface of the casing is stained with dirt and dust, wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not use cleaning fluids and other chemical solvents to avoid corrosion of the surface of the casing and damage to the components in the machine.

8.5. When not in use for a long time, the USB cable should be unplugged.

8.6. Do not try to disassemble, disassemble or modify any part of this product by yourself. Such behavior may damage the product and invalidate your product warranty.

If you want to discard this product, please put it in a professional recycling station for disposal.



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