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Sevich 5 Color Hair Shadow Powder Waterproof Hair Line Trimming Powder Hair Line Edge Control Powder...


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Sevich Hair Shadow Powder Waterproof Hair Shadow Trimming Powder Hair Line Edge Control Powder Hairline Modified Repair 5 color




Color:Black,Coffee,Dark Brown,Light Brown,Ash Br
Sevich 12g Hair shadow fiberuse for hair root concealer,small and light with powder puff,easy carry and use. Suitable for all places and hair quality.


When the hair is dry, open the product, take out the powder puff, and lightly smear it on the hair to be dyed.

Package Included:

1*Hairline powder powder


This product is a real-time product, which may touch clothes or hats. Please pay more attention before use. if it spills on the skin or eyes, please wash it with plenty of water, and see a doctor in time if necessary. Place in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight!

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