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Sevich 10 pcs/lot Instant Black Hair Shampoo Make Grey and White Hair Darkening Shinny in 5 Minutes Make...


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10 pcs/lot Instant Black Hair Shampoo Make Grey and White Hair Darkening and Shinny in 5 Minutes Sevich Make Up Free shipping



Product information

Product brand:Sevich

Product Name: Black Hair Shampoo

Applicable: adult, teen, child, grey and white hair

Net Weight: 25ml/bag

Package: 5 bags /10 bags (without box)

Efficacy: Black Hair Shampoo make white and grey hair become black immediately, does not color the scalp, always clear water, easy to use

How To Use:

1. Wet hair

2. Wear disposable gloves

3. Make Sevich Black Hair Shampoo Applied to Your Hair

4. Massage the hair for 5 minutes

5. Clean hair and dry hair

6. Compare before using, getting black hair

Normal hair, dehydrate good
Dry after washing, if not use air conditioning. Does not damage the hair. Even does better with time.
If you have more hair, you can use more to achieve better results

Because the skin is different for everyone, in order to avoid allergies or other discomforts, you can test it on a small part of the scalp and use it after there is no allergies.

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Sevich black hair shampoo/'s advantage

1. Plant formula
2. Clean scalp
3. Easy and Fast
4. Mild
5. Keeping
6. Smell relaxing
7. Only 5 minutes turing the white and grey hair to black
8. Only work for hair not for scalp





1. Please do skin allergy test before dyeing, after will paste mixture besmear in the ear, after 48 hours without discomfort before use.

2. Avoid products touch the eyes, if stick to, do not knead, rinse with water.

3.Donotuse this product to dye eyebrows and eyelashes.

4. Children, avoid contact with the product, please do not use a pregnant woman.





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