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Sevich Hair Growth Oil Ginger Extract Growing Serum Prevent Hair Loss Care Scalp Massage Roller Treatment...


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1. More effective to promote Scalp hair follicles absorb essential oils
2. Through deeply nourishing scalp,hair will become stronger and thicker
3. Suitable for hair loss,rough hair,lusterless hair,anyone who wants to promote hair growth
4. Easy to use and easy to carry



100% natural Ginger hair growth oil
Promote hair growth
Anti hair loss
Strengthen hair roots
Nourish and smooth


The product is to restore the scalp to health through massage. Because everyone's hair loss degree is different, in order to achieve the effect of hair growth, it must be used for a long time. Hair growth is not an easy thing.

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Ginger extract: powerfully control oil and promote hair growth.
Ginseng extract: repair damaged hair.
Polygonum multiflorum extract: Provide nutrients to hair follicle cells and promote healthy hair growth.
Grape seed oil: supplement hair nutrition and hair care.

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