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Sevich Temporary Hair Color Wax Men Diy Mud One-time Molding Paste Dye Cream Hair Gel for Hair Coloring...


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Temporary hair color wax men diy mud One-time Molding Paste Dye cream hair gel for hair coloring styling silver grey


Svich hair color wax

100% natural material

1. Heavy metal pigment free

2. Alcohol free

3. Eash wash

We have 3 Advantages

1.Easy colored

2. Fasted drying

3. Natural color


Product information

Brand Name: Sevich hair color wax

Net weight: 100g

Efficacy: Easy to apply and wash off

How to use:

Hair must be perfectly clean and 80% dry, Rub appropriate amount of color wax on palm and rub evenly, then thoroughly apply on hair. Style as desired with your fingers or comb. Easy to apply and wash off


white, grey, red, brown, green, blue, purple, yellow

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Long lasting. Flexi-control and Fashion Hair color changed


Temporary hair color wax have 8 colors, It can meet all your requirest

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