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TicWatch Pro 512MB Smart Watch Men‘s Watch Wear OS for iOS Android NFC Payment Built in GPS IP68 Waterproof...


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Availability: 26 in stock

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2-30 days battery life and Layered display technology

  • TicWatch Pro’s Layered Display technology extends battery life to 2-30 days on a single charge. Two screens, two modes, and the control to take full advantage of each. Battery life, or performance? You should enjoy both.

  • Smart Mode will get you 2 days of battery life and Essential Mode will net 30 days of battery life. If auto-switch to Essential Mode is turned on, then 5 days of battery life is possible.


Health and fitness companion

TicWatch Pro is packed with sensors to ensure your health and fitness information is measured accurately.

  • GPS tracker built-in

  • Heart-rate monitor

  • Steps counter

  • Calories counter

  • Speed & cadence monitor



Waterproof: IP68 water & dust proof rating.*

*Please do not contact the watch with soap or soapy water, and do not shower or bathe with it on.



Thousands of watch faces

  • Let TicWatch Pro express your mood and be unique through hundreds of watch faces available only for the TicWatch line.


The power of Wear OS by Google™

  • Your favorite Google Play™ apps are accessible from your watch while you’re on-the-go. Download your apps and use them from your wrist. Whatever you need, there’s probably an app for it.



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