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YZ For Tesla Model 3 Model Y Rear Center Console Organizer Tray Flocking For Tesla Model3 Storage Box...


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Rear seat storage box

YZ For Tesla Model 3 Model Y Rear Center Console Organizer Tray Flocking For Tesla Model3 Storage Box ModelY case Accessories

<< Application: Fits for Tesla Model 3/Y 2017-2022
<< Good quality: Keep center console neat and clean
<< Multi purpose: Perfect for storing small items, such as, smartphones, sunglasses, wallet, keys, parking card, business card, ID card, tissue, lipstick, cigarette and more.

1.Please pay attention to distinguish Model 3 and Y.
2.Model Y 2017-2020 can use this product, but will cause a little congestion.

For Tesla Model Y

Expand the storage space in the car. It is convenient and quick to take things without affecting the sliding adjustment of the seat track.


Original car material, non-slip and no abnormal sound

Environmentally friendly felt material, non-slip and shock-proof, reducing abnormal noise


Environmentally friendly material, non-toxic and odorless

Made of felt environmental protection material, safe, non-toxic and odorless, wear-resistant and durable


Does not affect seat track sliding

Simple installation, no jamming of seat rails, easy adjustment without jamming


Clamshell design to prevent items from flying off

Occasionally encounter bumpy road sections when driving to prevent items from bumping and flying


Small stature and large capacity, there is it for item storage

Keep items in an orderly manner and keep the interior space warm and tidy


The size of the original car, the installation is stable and firm

The original car data is opened, and the car is customized, non-destructive and firm fit, and the installation is stable and does not fall off


Does not affect the normal use of a variety of foot pads

A space is reserved at the bottom, which does not affect the installation of foot pads, and is suitable for a variety of foot pads


Product parameters


For Tesla model 3



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